Closing Reception

7 Nov

We will be holding a Closing Reception for this group show on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at, of course, Unsmoke Systems Artspace – Braddock, PA. There will be small amounts of food & beverage provided, so please do feel free to BYOB. The festivities will kick off around 6pm and we plan to wrap up around 10pm. Bring your good spirits. In addition to this Closing Reception, the repurposed library in Braddock will be holding a series of benefit concerts during the same weekend.  Braddock is the place to be this weekend. A few musicians on the bill are Andrew Bird, Kurt Kile, Built To Spill and Atlas Sound. The benefit is provided by Levi’s, whom has been focusing their humanitarian efforts in Braddock for at least a year  now. Money raised from the concerts will fund growth and well-being in this historical city along the Monongahela.

Hope to see you all out there!


Posters for the Show (so far, more to come later)

18 Sep

For the promotion of the show us artists thought it a neat idea to create several different designs, each created by a different member in the show. We have four so far and plan to have more. People will be more confused/intrigued than ever to discover an array of fliers advertising the same event. Well, I guess not now because I’m writing about it now, but still the effect is all the same. Look for more cool posters soon and mark your calenders for October 21st. Raise the roof!

The Work of Darrell Kinsel

25 Aug

The Work of Ron Copeland

25 Aug

The Work of Seth LeDonne

25 Aug

The Work of Maggie Negrete

25 Aug

The Work of Lizzee Solomon

25 Aug