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some of my work-Katie Gould

31 Jul




31 Jul

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Here are some images of recent work. I have some websites too:

I’m super excited for our show and to see all of our work in one space.

Maggie – let’s see that avocado drawing!

Meeting on Saturday

24 Jul

So we met up yesterday at Unsmoke Sysytems to take a look at the space and to start planning our individual visions in conjunction with the group mentality. The space looks better than ever. Artists in attendance yesterday were myself, Gabe Felice, Lizzee Solomon, Cara Lynn Kleid and Maggie Negrete. Since there was such a short amount of us there we unfortunately didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. Although we did talk about what each of us are envisioning for our portions of the space. We didn’t exactly divide the space up yet, I suppose we’ll wait a little while until everyone weighs in. Gabe was gracious enough to snap some photos and he should be sending them over soon and I’ll post them here and elsewhere for everybody’s use. I think we can plan to have anyone who still wants to see the space to do so during next weekend. Maybe Saturday or Sunday. So if you’re still curious and would like to check out the building please shoot me an email and we can arrange a viewing.


The closer we arrive, the more excited I’m getting. Just wandering around the space yesterday I got some good vibes and envision some really cool and magical stuff happening in there in October. We’ll plan to meet up again soon. Most likely in Pittsburgh and possibly at Lili Coffee again.

Andy Scott’s work

24 Jul


This is a small sampling of Andy’s work. To view lot’s more visit:


22 Jul

Essentially this blog is for use by artists involved in the show and a venue to post pics of our work/sharing ideas or information. And of course anyone else who is interested in what we’re doing at Unsmoke Systems in Braddock at the end of October can find out more here. Expect to see more soon folks!